Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Quarantine the Yuck

Progress is made: we staple plastic up over the doors and tape it down so that no mold spores can sneak into the rest of the house when we tear apart Moldy Wall. Luckily, after taping off the first door, we could go out the back door. Unfortunately, after taping off the second doorway, we had to climb out the window. Also unfortunate is that if we have to use the one working toilet now, we have to climb back IN the window. Secretly, I found this great fun. Who doesn't want to climb in and out the windows of a new house? I tried to take photos of the taped off doorways, because they are quite impressive, but they came out really uninspiring. Instead, here is a picture of the tape that we used, and one of Jason holding a hammer.

Almost all my belongings are now piled in the front room! We moved the big table and the wardrobe yesterday. Nothing was broken, including my back. Afterward, we ate fish sandwiches and milkshakes outside. Summer is awesome.

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