Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Goat, Marking Territory, and the Bishop next door

My search for a lawn mower on all the discount sources in Salt Lake didn't turn up very much, but I did find a listing for a free goat on Craig's List. The real question is, would a goat count as an energy efficient upgrade, and could I write it off on my taxes?

Today, I felt for the first time like the house was really mine. I think this may have been because I finally brought some toilet paper into the place, (for the functioning toilet, not the one that causes the waterfall in the basement) and there is something very primal about peeing in your own house. Now it's mine: I peed in it.

Along with marking my territory, I mopped and dusted, and moved in the first of many boxes.

Neighbor update: Susie, my middle-aged next door neighbor with the leg tattoos, is going to be awesome. She is a special ed teacher in West Valley and is very excited about getting a Spaniel-Heeler mix puppy. There is also a young 30-something single woman living by herself at the end of the street who already has a puppy who also seems like a potential ally in the neighborhood. Word has it that the guy with the wind-chime porch is a very friendly Bishop.

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