Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operation Install Shower Curtain Rod: FAIL

I bought higher end chrome shower curtain rods with a double bar for either a decorative outer curtain or to hang towels -- because they were on clearance at Smiths. Unfortunately, the lower end curtain rods install with one instruction: screw into place. These special shower curtain rods come with an installation BOOKLET, and, as I discovered after much head scratching, a special TOOL that looks like a bent paper clip but is actually the key to loosening the "set screws" to remove the whatsit plate before you mount it onto the wall.

Two problems:
* Bathroom #1: where I am supposed to screw into the wall is currently tiled. This is beyond the powers of my manual hand drill.
* Bathroom #2: read the fine print -- I'm supposed to mount the thingy into a stud, or use the hoodle-doo mounting widgit.

Operation Curtain Rod: FAIL.

Before relaunching the attack, I need 2 things. Well, mostly just one thing. Jason comes home tomorrow, and that'll pretty much solve my stud finder problem. :)

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