Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Which I Discover Dry Cement is Very Heavy

Accomplished today:
Zero moving from old to new house: too hot.
One slightly used medicine cabinet from Craig's List from lady's garage
One discount refrigerator supplier discovered in Cargo Bay #4 on the West Side next to freeway.
4 very large windows with mostly intact glass panes but crummy crummy frames recovered from side of road.
One 6 x 6 pressure treated post to insert under Tippy Beam in basement; accompanying 5 bags of dry cement that prove Very Heavy to carry.
Painting supplies including telescoping pole.
Massive indecision regarding paint colors for bedroom; depression ensues.
One $12 Whole Foods Salad -- peace is restored to the universe.
Three mold tests: for visual mold, to test air quality in rest of house, and control test of outside air.
I revert to Drawbridge idea to solve Hobbit Basement problem.
This is J and I at the end of a long, hot, semi-frustrating day. We are sitting in Mold Central, trying to design Non-Hobbit basement. Note attractive and professionally taped up plastic in background. I used the staple gun and it was fun.

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