Sunday, July 4, 2010

Transporting Valuables

Finally, the day has come to transport the most delicate and valuable items to my new house: the tomato plants! Let me just say: filling large tree-sized pots full of good compost and rich soil has a way of making tomato plants become incredibly heavy. In the Which is Heavier contest between Tomato Plant vs. 80lb Concrete Mix, I'd have to vote for Tomato Plant, hands down. But with minimal whining and some panting and waddling and hefting, we managed to get all the little tomatoes into the van. In fact, they FILLED the van. The only way I fit in the van, myself, was by sitting underneath plants. As soon as they arrived at the new house, I felt like the house became a little bit homier. The front no longer looks quite so stark and drab, now that the front porch is filled up with plants, and my old park bench. That bench was the first thing I bought (along with a breadbox) when moving into the old H St apartment by myself. The paint wasn't exactly new, then, so now, 3 years later, I'd say it is definitely in need of a little TLC. So is the outdoor futon that we lugged to the back yard. One of its legs fell off... but I have faith that we can bring it back around. After unloading a ton of tomatoes and railroad ties, we somehow scrounged up the energy to hike up the Pipeline trail at Millcreek, to a lookout point over the whole valley. We got there just in time -- the fireworks started soon after, and we watched the little puffs and sparkles all across the valley. Fireworks aren't nearly as impressive when you are looking DOWN on them, but being above all the crazies and the crowds, listening to crickets and wind and the very much delayed deep pops from the big fireworks that flash like one bright bursting bulb... this is the way I'd have it. Salt Lake can, on occasion, remind me that it is an awesome place to live: copious sunshine, a big back yard and a gorgeous hike that gets you to the mountains in less than an hour? Awesome.

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