Friday, July 2, 2010

In which we scrub the baseboards (and other distasteful tasks)

I am officially moved OUT of the old place! After two days of scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning, it looks fantastic. In fact, I walked in and thought, wow, I'd rent this place! The process was fairly grueling, though. Here is a picture of me at 5pm after another super hot day of moving and cleaning, knowing that there are hours to go and much to do before we call it quits. It is amazing how much STUFF fits into a little apartment when all belongings are tucked into drawers and crannies! Jason has been putting all else on hold to help me -- brownie points do not do justice to the kind of debt I owe him.
Here is a picture of the Natural Gas Van, into which we shoved all the stuff, including the big awkward things. Now the only things left to move are the tomatoes! Here is a picture of part of the tomato grotto, awaiting transportation to a new location. The big on on the left is Mexi-billy midget, a cross between a Mexican Midget and a Hillbilly -- both small cherry tomatoes. The other big one is Jet Star, a new kind of heirloom I didn't start from seed, but bought at the Wasatch Gardens plant sale. He's an early variety and already has a big tomato on, oh boy oh boy! The goals for today include ushering in the arrival of the dumpster pending roof-removal on Monday, buying the right kind of post for the basement, moving the tomatoes, and maybe, just maybe, Iron Man II at Brewvies.

Tomato Grotto!

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